23 July, 2012

Historicon Video Coverage

Shawn, Marty and I drove down to Fredericksburg VA for Historicon and the MW Nationals tournament. Video is in 2 parts, and is in the order I filmed it! First video is mainly day one (which really is Friday despite me saying Saturday in there somewhere) with some other game coverage from the rest of the 'Con

And second video has a tonne of coverage of the sales areas with some CRAZY prices on stuff. Clearly I am in the wrong business! Not that much of it went at those prices. If the vendor area is a bit dry for you, skip to 15:00 of video 2, the WWPD podcast intro is near the end. I'll add pics later today.


  1. Wish I could have drove down as well! Add another Canadian to the roster. Just couldnt swing it though. Thanks for the coverage.

  2. Nice vids man. So wish that I could go! Hey, did you boys hear that Canadian Nationals is going to be in Calgary next year? Rockin.

  3. We did Adam.. and it is slated to be Open, so that you might not need to qualify to get into the first Cdn Nationals. Dibs on sleeping on your couch!


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