08 July, 2012

Summer Siege 2012 Results

Best Overall - Tristan Cash
Best Allied General - Louis Santerre
Best Axis General - Drew Willis
Best Army - Dennis Campbell
Best Sport - Matt Mackenzie
Darwin's Blade - Dean Marquis
Murphy's Luck - Scott Roach
Top Door Prize - Mike Abbott

Thank you to all who helped and Perkin's Hobbies, Freres de Batailles and The Hobby Centre for prize support.


  1. fantastic tables and pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tournament guys, looking forward to the next one.

    Is it possible to get a break down of how the scores are calculated, thanks .

  3. Generalship is calculated based on VP and wins and counts for 60%
    Army rank was worth 20% and Sportsmanship was worth 20%. This was done using Battlefront's tournament database. The player votes submitted at the end of the night for both best sport and best army effect the total but I don't know how the software calculates the bonuses.


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