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Tournament Day! (Aftermath Version)

(Just a short excerpt from Saturdays action)Taking an early break after Cash ran down my Pak 38's with a swarm of tanks. My German army is finally getting some play time after being away for 8 weeks.With two games down, I am sitting 1-1 with a chance to win my next game after dinner break. I am still messing around to learn a few ways that my new list plays. I am playing a Panzergren Infantry list from Grey Wolf and have added 8cm mortars, 88's, Panzer IV and Marder platoons for armored support. With 4 HMG's being thrown in the mix, it sits at 1500 on the nose. I will post the exact breakdown when i get a chance. END Quick Report

OK! So it's early Sunday and the aftermath of Summer Siege has taken its toll on my army! I learned a ton of info from playing in my second tournament and likely only my 20th game or so of Flames of War. Here's a better breakdown of what I experienced yesterday which ended in a 1-1-1 record. I promised to list what I used during the tournament so here it is, based out of the 'Grey Wolf' source book. It finally gave me a chance to table the bulk of the pre-painted German army I had bought from a friend in Kingston. I added a few Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV's and a pair of 88's I quickly painted to get ready for this event.

45    Grenadierkompanie HQ
165    Grenadier Platoon
165    Grenadier Platoon
135    Grenadier Machine-gun Platoon
125    Grenadier Mortar Platoon
60    Grenadier Anti-tank Gun Platoon
450    Panzer Platoon
190    Tank-hunter Platoon
165    Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon

My thinking with this list is it has a little bit of everything. I played against three very different Allied lists and the flexibility of the the chosen missions and what I was facing came in handy for each game. All units are Confident Veteran and I was able to make use of the full 1500 points.

Game one I faced Yvon and his US Infantry list with a TON of artillery support. Obviously I need to start keeping track of other armies, or learn what everything is just by looking at it.....but you'll have to put up with my vague descriptions for now. I will have a look and post later if I can find the army lists from the tournament.
 Played out on the 'Airfield' board that was setup with a huge open strip of concrete running down the center. I was able to deploy on this side of board and dig in around the small hill in the center and just in front of the bombed out farm house.

Achtung! Amerikanische Truppen voran!
I could not do much to stop the advance and my opponent was quickly able to overrun my MG42's, Mortar platoon and threaten my 88's. I killed a few stands of infantry and 105 arty pieces with my Panzers, but was unable to destroy any platoons. The objectives were not live until turn 6 and I was able to hold out long enough for a win.....I'll take it.
Tank terror was not an issue for the Allies, I think I killed two stands but quickly lost the Panzer.

Game two can be summed up like this. ONE: Deploy units. TWO: Shoot and bail out two of three Stuarts. THREE: Lost PAK 38's to Cromwell onslaught. FOUR: AMBUSH!! Pop out 88's and destroy some armor! FIVE: "Wait......what? Nothing within 4" of objective on your turn? Son of a #*&(^!!!.....OK, let's drink! It was over on turn 3 and was left thinking I had chosen the wrong side of 'The Town' to deploy my troops in. I did get some wicked shots and used a few special effects on my new HTC One S!

PAK 38's Squished

Old Skool Wartime Pic

Game three was an open affair on a desert table, playing as quickly as possible, I did not have any time to take any pics and it was a slugfest with a mix of tanks going head to head in the desert. I was able to dispatch my opponents Firefly's, Shermans and recovery assets quickly. I did not come away unscathed, I lost 4/5 Panzers in the process as I could not get my crews to remount their bailed out tanks in three straight turns. I stuck around with my IC long enough to protect them from getting side and rear shots for a round or two, but was quickly overrun by my opponents special 'ability' to move and extra distance upon a successful skill check as long as this General was within command distance. A very good allied list and the best sport of the day. Hat's off to you Serge, was a good time without reserves until turn 5 or 6.......we ended on a draw with me gaining an extra point because I was able to dispatch of a platoon of his tanks.

At the end of the tournament we had prizes, a few speeches and I came away with two paint sets courtesy of getting voted best sportsmanship! I appreciate the votes and it makes me aware that I am in it for the fun. I think I am getting better, but realize quickly I need to play test a lot more than ZERO when fielding a new army....but getting it painted was definitely more important to me. The event was a great success for the players involved. Brett and Rob overcame a few last minute curveballs of no-shows to put on a great tournament and the Royal Canadian Legion BRANCH#641 was a great venue and having a bar was a huge plus as Captain Morgan helps with my self morale checks when you lose a game in three turns.
Scotty doesn't condone drinking and tanking......he HIGHLY recommends it.



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