23 August, 2010

TO5G Tyranid math too!

Why have one Tyrannofex when you can have 2 for twice the price?

530 points of badass, 12 T6, 2+ save wounds. I made Catalyst (Feel no Pain from Tervigon) markers so I never forget which unit has it. THanks to Kairos Fateweaver at the Store for the second McRage orifice thingy. Soon-to-be-eaten Fire Dragon there for scale :)


  1. I like the grey and metal look of the second, it looks much better then the purple and white, who does that colour scheme really...

    it looks great, i'm going to start painting up some nightlords tonight i think.

  2. Man. Those Tyranids sure shit-trashed Los Deimos, huh?

  3. What's up with my Ottawa Nerds? I was just chatting with Yao today, and he told me about your guys blog! Looks pretty cool. I'll be sure to follow it now. I logged in to look at it, and boom one of my google ads was on it and I took it as a good sign. Any chance of you guys blogging about your super fun upcoming gamer road-trip to the Hammer? You should come visit, and bring me more scenery ;)

  4. Road trip.....VERY tempting.....must discuss with the lads...


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