17 August, 2010

Golden Marine XV Videos

Golden Marine, it used to be Ottawa's 2nd tournament, with Cangames being the only other one. It started off with humble beginnings, 8 guys in a townhouse playing for beers, and has grown, 14 iterations later, to 40 people in a hotel meeting room.

A few traditions: It has, and always will be, 1107 points, the founder made his list of stuff that was painted and mandated that points limit! And it has stuck. Secondly, this was always supposed to be a "Gentlemen's Event" so these days, generalship doesn't even factor in at all. In this day and age of "competitive events" its refreshing to see 40 people have a blast, and be able to bring wacky things. For this year, it is a team tournament, but with random pairings each game.

1st Video is of armies as people were unpacking, the next 4 were my games. The game ones were short, we were very pressed for time.



  1. I love your hate for the SW codex... but you were the one who got me to change from Ultras :)

    Does sounds like a interesting tournament.

  2. yeah my hatred for SWs is more of a joke than anything else.


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