26 August, 2010

Spawn More Overlords!

This is a new 1750 list, combining my 1107 pt Golden Marine XV list with the 2 Tyrannofexes I've been working on. Added the obligatory Tervigons and termagaunts

Tervigons made from 90% Carnifex, 10% Trygon kit. Once the T-Fex/Tervigon kit comes out, I can repurpose these back to Carnifexes. Keeping my T-Fexes though.

This is the 2nd T-Fex I've been slaving over the past few days

And this is my original T-Fex. Carnifex plus Trygon or Hive Tyrant upper body to make the extend-a-cab body, Mawloc mouth parts plus barbed strangler bits for the guns, large scything talons and a lot of greenstuff and you are ready to rock.

Here is the how-to-make video from way back. Note, the old head was red terror, now its Mawloc stuff:


  1. Lo0oks great, very cohesive as an army. I like your big bug conversions.

  2. Very awesome, thank you for sharing.

    Would love to see more about the bases.


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