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Crone World Eldar

Well, locally we have the Los Deimos Campaign starting up in October, kicking off with a tournament, and ending with a bang in February at Game Summit, Ottawa's largest 40k tournament and Con. I thought what a perfect way to get my ass in gear painting my Eldar army I picked up off of Ca$h, who got it from Lothlann.

Since I cannot seem to do anything 'normal' except maybe my Tyranids, I decided to look into the fluff of the Eldar a bit to find a unique spin. Exodites would be cool, but I'm not a fan of painting Lizardman stuff, like Steg's and Carnasaurs, so thats out. Dark Eldar, well, since Jes Goodwyn is doing them, I'm pretty sure the models will kick a tonne of ass, so I came across a little story box on pg 54 of the Eldar codex, stating that the Eldar lament the loss of their original homeworlds, sucked into the Eye of Terror at the time of the Fall, and that these worlds were hellish landscapes, and I knew I had found what my theme would be: The twisted remains of the Fallen Eldar, gone over to Slaanesh and mutated beyond recognition under their armor.

The Tournament is Oct 24th, and is 1500 points, no special characters or allies allowed.

Here are some pics of what I've been working on so far, for my part in Tale of 5 Gamers:

Another shot of the Farseer, converted from the Bonesinger model.

One of 2 squads of 5 Fire Dragons, tentacles made from greenstuff. Same with the Eye.

Brightlance platform for my Guardians. This will likely be switched to a Scatterlaser. BS3 is balls.

Guardians. I came up with this scheme by firing up DoW's army painter, and hitting 'Random' a bunch of times. A lot of em came up with lime green, but I really liked this one when it came up. The bright purple I just used for tentacles rather than trim. Bright colors are from the Vallejo FLUO line.. awesome looking, the WORST paint to work with ever though. Seriously, painting with maple syrup is probably easier.


  1. Cool theme Den! You always seem to come up with a cool twist on your army. I saw a couple of pics of some stuff that you've added to your Squats since the last time I saw them (like two years ago) and they look great too.

  2. They hurt my eyes Den, so I'd say job well done :)

  3. hahah thanks! Yeah Jay, my Squats are completely repainted, like I repainted my Crimson Fists over to Pre Heresy Nightlords, but you saw them in January.

  4. Painting with maple syrup is not only more difficult, it is also more delicious.

    Nice job!

  5. Thanks Mike, hit me up with a link to some photos of your stuff, I haven't seen it in what, ten years now? Moncton4Life :)

  6. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    Here's the latest thing I worked on. I played in a tournament last weekend and got this little sweetie up and running for the plague priest to ride around on in style!

    A little slow on the linking, but there ya go. I'll email it to you... if I can find your email address here somewhere.

    Hmm.. you know.. especially with the flash on, that model seems a bit shiny.. it could use SOMETHING ... some kind of dulling agent...


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