19 August, 2010

Tale of 4 Gamers

So here is the deal: We haven't really been using this blog so much, apart from the awesome terrain segment by Orbital.

With no Grand Tournaments to look forward to, my painting has ground to a freaking halt

Time to change that up a bit.

Tomorrow, Friday Night Fights presents a 3 game round robin, featuring Lothlann, Ca$h, Orbital and yours struly, Matt Varnish.

The plan is to actually PAINT and chronicle the progress using the blog. We can meet up in a few months, get the round robin in again, etc.

We just need to settle in on a tournament we can set our sights on.

For me, I want to work on my Crone World Eldar, but since I'm using Tyranid bits for the tentacles and such, I kinda need to finish at least, assembling my Nids so I know what parts I can use. Therefore, I need to finish the 2nd Tyrannofex, and keep a few parts handy to reconvert the 2 tervigons back into carnifexes, since I reckon that were going to see a Tervigon/Tyrannofex kit sometime in the near future.

So tomorrow, I will be bringing the Nids, and working on them, then switching gears to my Eldar.

If Marty is still kicking it, he can feel free to join in the fun, once he unpacks :)

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