22 August, 2010

To5G: Empire

Ok, I made up an acronym, To5G (Tale of Five Gamers), hope everyone uses it, i hate writing the whole shebang out every time!

So, going against the grain, as I was the outsider in this little competition, I have decided to stick to my gut and paint Warhammer Fantasy! I need a painted army and while my Gobbos...

They look ok right now at and although they are at 1000 points, I am inclined to paint Empire, most of which I acquired from fellow Drunken Gamer, Lothlann!

So to start I am painting some individual guys to work out colour schemes, and these shall all be used in my Mordheim league I run with friends..

First up is an Ogre Mercenary in the colours of both my host city (Talabheim) and the Woodsman theme I was going to use for my Kislevites (green, khaki, brown, black). He is still WIP, but progress is being made (what's done currently was done last night).

Comments welcomed and appreciated!

1 comment:

  1. cmon, that could be an ogryn!!

    JK man, Fantasy is fine, what with SPanky's DS campaign starting up in sept..


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