19 August, 2010

Odd Man Out Gamer

Hmmm, you get sick for two days, miss one tournament and you're shunned from the group!

Well hopefully I can get in on the Tale of Four/Five Gamers and maybe make up a game or two from the round robin next week :)

Seeing as this looks to be a 40k thing I'll have to pull double time I guess, because I am working on my Empire now, but my Blood Guard/Angels could be picked up for this endeavour, as there wouldn't be too many to paint!

So fellow drunken, and Sober Gamers, what say you, shall we make this the tale of Five Gamers?


  1. nah its ok, were doing mostly painting tonite as it turns out, Corey is redoing his entire army, and we could all use some painting.

    We'll do the mini tourny some other time, and that will be a time when youre there :)

  2. "Hmmm, you get sick for two days, miss one tournament and you're shunned from the group!"

    That is just not true. I've been shunning you for much longer than that! :)

  3. Seriously, though... I don't really know what Tale of 5 Gamers means? Is it just a journal of games or what?

  4. Sorry Corey, way back in the before time, in the long long ago there was an article in White Dwarf that ran for several issues that followed 4 Gamers and their progress on collecting, converting, painting and playing with a new army (or addition to pre-existing ones, but essentially a new armies 'worth' of models).

    What this is, is our own version, basically so we can compare our progress to each other to motivate us all to keep moving forward and not get bogged down.


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