25 January, 2017

Hungarians! vs USA, TEAM YANKEE, 75 points, No Retreat

That's Right, Hungarians!   Obviously, there is no list out for them, but since the Warsaw Pact used Soviet stuff, why not break from the norm and go with a minor Soviet power.   Brett is using his Hungarians as Soviets for now (and likely VA book soon)  Let's take a look, No Retreat, 75 points vs Tristan's US Tank list, Desert-themed Texas National Guard. Both armies painted by the talented Scott 'Obsidian23' Roach

Tank HQ, 2 x Tank units, 2 ZSU-23s, 2 Hinds, and a short Motor Rifle Coy in BMP-2s with SA-14 team.   The rotor blades are indeed painted with the hungarian stripes.. historical (at airshows!)

 US Tanks, 2 units of M1's, 4 VADS, 2 Cobras and a mech platoon.

After bidding, Tris's US defend.   He puts mech (above pic) defending one objective, minefields near the road, and the HQ on the other objective.  1 tank unit in Ambush

Brett used his Hinds to limit the ambush after Dashing his whole force up. The ambush doesn't get good position, and 'only' kill 2 T-72s

Mech M113s take pot-shots, but can't firepower through to drop a Hind.

T72s wipe out first M1 unit, and now face down the second from reserves..

..while the Cobras fail to Blitz onto the table, so 'only' 3 Gatling shots per on the Hinds.

Only 4 T-72s remain.. not enough left to push that objective now that the Reserves come in.

VADS come in, and smash the Hinds.. 4-3 win for the defending US, though it was dicey (a passed M1 platoon test on turn 2..)

During the Cold War, Hungarian forces had the red star with the green roundel in the middle, like on this BMP-1.   Not sure if that tiny berm would count as short terrain though!

As always, here is the video Battle Report on this battle.  Enjoy!


  1. I like your Hungarians and AWESOME battle report!

  2. Thanks.. wish they were my Hungarians!!

  3. @ Matt Varnish - Great battle report! Love watching the post game wrap up and discussion. Would Frogfoots have done better than the Hinds? Also, I got a huge kick out of Ca$h's Texas National Guard they look awesome! I can't wait to get a game in with you guys.

  4. Hi :) this is awesome :) We (here in Hungary playing TY) are just working on Un-official HPA lists :) I would love to share with you, if you mind :)

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