06 January, 2017

Dice Devils Podcast 'The Lost Tapes'

In keeping up a busy schedule and spending the better part of last year working and not much down time, it was tough to get together and chat. Seems easier to grab the recorder and get some stuff onto 'tape' and posted for all of our loyal listeners without trying hard to schedule something. We appreciate the support and we hope to make this a regualr thing once again. Giving you something to listen to, when you're painting, on the road or relaxing.

Two new podcasts are posted, the first one is Episode 6 and is one that Dennis and recorded on the way back from a Flames of War tournament in Kingston. This is an older recording that went missing and may be a little louder as far as background. Taping it in my jeep is similar to sitting in a C-130. It's worth it!!

The second episode was done over the holidays, Andrew and myself sit down for a candid conversation about Flames of War, Team Yankee, some version 4 stuff and video game/movie topics. Episode 7, you can use the links or visit us directly on DICE DEVILS PODCAST PAGE to see all the older episodes and their links for your entertainment.


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