14 August, 2016

Trip Down Memory Lane PLUS Some WIP Shots of Cottage and Trenches

40k Squats, aka Space Dwarves

So, someone was using old pictures I had posted on DakkaDakka way back in 2007 to promote his commission painting website.  So I had to make my own site and put my own pics up.  What was interesting was how I had not looked at my old 40k stuff in a dogs age.  So, in all its splendor, here is my old converted Squat 40k army, that won a variety of 'Best Painted's along the way, and caused a lot of my bosses (GW) at the time some consternation, especially at Staff GT :)

40k Squats

Now for some WIP shots..

 Small cottage.. almost exactly objective sized......

Rob bought for 2$, had to repair a lot of it.. added the jeep.

Home-made trenchworks for Flames of War. pre-spackle.. you can see the wood used.. just 1/8 inch wood rod and some balsa rods cut in two to make the traingle shape.  Coffee stirsticks for the duckboarding.

Put in a T junction for communication trenches, when I make more sections...

Primed and ready to be painted. 
Yes, I used a wrecked tank as part of the fortifications.


  1. I remember that squat army back in the day. The brush work was so clean.

  2. Someone tried to steal your paintjobs as their own? Who might this be?

  3. Well, he didnt out and out say "I painted these" but they were on a commission painting site :) So the assumption from his clients could be made. Its gone now, but it highlighted the fact I should take some ownership of my own work.


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