07 October, 2014

Episode Two!

We've been busy as of late and managed to sit down to discuss Game Summit and Geek Market here in Ottawa. We also dive into Flames of War lists, upcoming tournaments and the future of printed books vs. the new digital age being entered by Battlefront. Our own resident expert talks about some of the changes to World of Tanks!! As usual, drop us an email or comment on our newest podcast. We really do appreciate you listening and wanting more!

Listen to Episode 2 here or download it from the Podcast page.



  1. Another good episode. Enjoy hearing you guys' opinions on current issues regarding FoW.

    Only thing I'd offer is that sometimes it was hard to work out who was saying what as you were talking over eachother a bit.

    Otherwise, looking forward to Episode 3!

  2. Yeah, we had four of us as well and one had not done anything like this either, we'll work on it for sure! Going to try and get new guys on from time to time. It'll help with content and areas of interest. Thanks a lot for the feedback!!


  3. BTW, the moderns ruleset review just got posted on WWPD:
    http://www.outpostzero.net/2014/10/review-sabre-squadrons-rapid-deployment.html This is what they were talking about :)


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