26 August, 2014

Warhammer 40k Batrep #s 5 & 6!

Well hot damn, its looking to be a busy time here at Dice Devils! We've managed to light a few fires and see continued content posted to the blog every few days! Heck its even tough finding room to squeeze in some things without bumping the other new content. We even have a new podcast! If you missed it, here it is again! That said, I know most of the Dice Devils crew has moved on from 40k, I'm back with renewed interest after starting to look at the game in another light. Despite the general negative sentiment we put out about 40k and Games Workshop in general, they still produce the best model, bar none, and have an amazing universe for us to play in. Without anymore chatter, here are a couple batreps I did over the last few weeks, the latter being a tourney prep game for a Tournament held a week or so ago at FDB Gatineau. Enjoy, and please comment if you like, hate or have a recommendation!

 Battle Report 5:


 Battle Report 6:


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