12 March, 2012

Summer Siege FoW Tournament

It's official; Dice Devil's are prepping to host the first ever Summer Siege FoW Tournament

Summer Siege 2012
Saturday, July 07th @ 1:00 PM

3 two hour games
Cost = 20$
First paid first (re)served
Early payment required to reserve spot as well as faction you will be fighting for (once chosen you cannot change sides)
Payment options: Interac money transfer or cheque or cash in person
Please contact Brett at Pripyat at gmail.com for payment or questions

Scenarios to be determined
100% Blue on Red
10 Axis Spots
10 Allied Spots
Standings to be submitted to RankingsHQ

Army Restrictions:
Please bring 5 copies of your army list and a copy of the FoW rules and army list source
All armies' sources require approval by organizers prior to July 1st
All lists must be seen and approved prior to 1:30 PM July 7th
3rd Edition army books accepted (Grey WolfRed Bear, 3rd Edition Bundle Forces Intelligence Handbook, any LW books released prior to July, 2012)
2nd Edition army books approved to use V3 National and weapon rules; ex. Stormtrooper and HBG respectively (Turning the Tide and Earth and Steel)
All other Battlefont army handbooks will use V2 National and weapon rules as listed in source
Official Battlefront PDFs subject to approval will likely use V2 National and weapon rules
Unofficial Battlefront PDFs are not accepted
Non-Battlefront PDFs are not accepted

Skip over to our forum to get more details on scheduling, registration and the awesome venue the club has secured! Our new Club Event page also has more info. 

Any questions should be brought up on the forum, not the comments section here - thanks!



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