04 March, 2012

Becoming a club.....

So after much discussion and lamentations from the womens, we are forming into a proper gaming club. Basically, we are starting to host our own events/tournaments and the weekly gaming group is growing to the point where some structure is required to organize things. We have taken the opportunity to turn the humble "TableTop Tacticians" blog into a proper domain, thus allowing us more flexibility and options for expansion.

We have become Dice Devils GC - Dice Devils Gaming Club. We have now registered the domain www.dicedevils.com and for starters, have the blog forwarded there. We are looking to expand the site, and it will be growing over the couple weeks from just a simple blog to a more complete site, including forums, galleries, etc. Please be patient and bear with us through this change. Also look for info coming shortly for our tournaments this summer - we will be holding a few this year!

So you can continue to follow us at tabletoptacticians.blogspot.com for now, or at our new site www.dicedevils.com.

Stay tuned for more!



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