13 March, 2012

Italian Decor

So they're here! Despite how utterly miserable I have been feeling as of late, I made a trip to the border this afternoon to pick up my Italian buildings. While down to get those, I stopped into one of the bargain type centers and got myself enough tree toppers to make some trees! At $1 a bag and 5per.....I spent $5 and got enough stuff to make 25 trees. That's a pretty good return on investment, if they work out I might even end up putting some together for EBAY since finding terrain trees online for a decent price is hard sometimes.

So the JR miniature houses really are top draw, I ended up with more buildings than I thought because some of the bags have two in them, I also picked up a bag of 'out' buildings which all end up being the same, but I am sure once they are painted and sitting in different spots, it'll make no difference. I'll get some pics of them up soon and insert them into this post. I did up some fields out of a dense front door mat and used textured paint to give it some depth and make it look 'plowed'. It looks pretty good, though the paint did take a little longer drying due to its more for use on metallic/wood surfaces.

This past week I met a player from the Kingston area who was selling an army. Turns out he has been playing for some time, but currently only has time for LATE war. I have gone over to the dark side and bought myself some Germans. I had a hard time actually deciding whether or not to buy this army as I was afraid it would pull me away from what I am trying to do with my Aussie list. I had a game of Counterattack last friday and did not fair out too well......though I was able to kill a dug in spotter on turn 2, taking out the use of my opponents artillery for the better part of the game. I made some key errors, like trying to take on StuH's with Crusaders.......WTF. At least I am learning while I play, I'll remember next time. Stupid 2 pounders.....not sure if they could penetrate a paper bag.

Where was I? Right! Germans.....lots of Panzergren's and a few armored pieces make this a pretty complete army. I'll take the bulk of it away adding some Tigers and maybe an armored train. Wait and see I guess. I'll have to read some more Grey Wolf before making my mind up. I am excited to hear some of the news from WWPD regarding what's coming down the pipe for the US armored stuff in LW. Should make things very interesting with some of the new Shermans rolling off the assembly line. I actually dropped a bug in Steve's (WWPD) ear about a movie we had on while we played last friday. 'Jackboots on Whitehall' is one of the funniest movies with a ton of tanks, infantry, explosions, cheezy French resistance fighters I have ever seen! It's also where I got my Monty pic from......a truly epic movie viewing experience for pointless fun! Almost as much fun as watching this intro was over and over again for Medal of Honor. I give you 'Conversational German for the American Soldier'.

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  1. w.r.t to the Counterattack game:

    - The StuHs popped out at the perfect time for me. It seem to throw all of your battle plans into disarray, you didn't seem to recover from that. Your crusader platoon should have been away from there
    - At one point you mentioned that you should have just swung behind the hill with your recon, probably would have been a good idea as it would have alleviated the need to move the other flank forward
    - I think you would have been better to leave the crusers behind to protect the arti (MGs vs infantry) and swung the two Sherman platoons around instead.


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