19 March, 2012

MW: US Armoured v. German Armoured

Got a chance to play a game against my friend Mitch today.

Armies were as follows (roughly):


HQ - PzIVs (I think)

5 Panzer IIIs (2 shot AT 9 guns)
4 Panzer IVDs
2cm SP Flak
2 88s


HQ - 2 M4s

5 M4s
4 Stuarts
Full ARP w/5 zooks
Armoured Mortars

Video should explain the rest!


  1. The German Army was:

    Panzer IIIN
    Panzer IVD

    Platoon 1
    5x Panzer IIIN
    4x Panzer IVD
    2x 20mm SP Flak
    2x Flak88, with extra crew

  2. Hello from Ontario.

    Great looking table! C'mon though, if you're going to film a batrep, how about getting a little paint on those panzers? Without painted models, people might think you're playing 40k.

  3. Mitch is new to Flames of War and I wouldn't want to miss a chance at a cool AAR due to paint being absent. I'm sure the next time we play they'll have some paint on them and they'll be progressing nicely.

    I'm not a fan of the silver surfers but everyone was new to the game once :)


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