04 March, 2012

Mirror Match: Aus v Aus AAR 64

Well its been a few weeks, but we are back with a Friday Night Fight at Ca$h's, using the complete desert terrain set on one table. I am playing PhantomRescue, who is running MW Australian Div Cav list. I decided to use the EXACT same list as him. I have to sub Grants-for-Shermans, and I also need to stop playing SWTOR to paint stuff this week! Above is the table set up. The lighting is weird because of the glare from the bright table.

The list for the both of us:
2 x HQ Crusader II
3 x Crusader II
3 x Crusader II
3 x ShermanIII
3 x ShermanIII
3 x Universal Carrier
4 x 25pdrs

We rolled up Free For All

About turn 3, we had this crazy Crusader Scrum. Only when fighting other Crusaders does Front Armor 4 make any sense!

After the Crusader scrum, I come out ahead with the 2IC Crusader on his obj, and 2 Crusader plus CO Crusader after a crazy tank battle! It would take a miracle for him to win, as I am about to win (He has to kill the Crusaders, concealed, with 25 pdrs, then take me below half) Video at the bottom

Here is a nutty FSJ vs Canadians shot, between Pripyat and RKelly.

Below is video with end game dissection (because it was crazy)

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