16 May, 2011

Flames of World of Tanks

Well.. THANK GOD I was in the middle of a hobby bonanza when I heard the WWPD gang talk about WoT, and then Loth convinced me to d-load it last night. Now I am hooked, and need to know a few things as I try and save up enough credits to get out of my Leichtetraktor.. One, how do I join the WWPD clan, since Joyous and Loth are in it already as well as Terrain guy, and 2: I NEVER see any Panzerjager's or Bison;s.. are thyey tier 2? or is it just NO ONE uses them because they are useless?

Any info helps, thanks guys. I plan on painting tonite, each time my tank dies, I have a few minutes to paint, , hence Flames of World of Tanks!!


  1. Yup the die + paint works pretty well :)

    To join WWPD click here: http://game.worldoftanks.com/clans/1000000766/ and there will be an apply button.

    Click on "tech tree" when you are in the garage to see what the currently available tanks; the link below is what they are working towards:


    No idea if they are any good -- went the tank route in beta and up to a Jadgpanzer IV now.

  2. http://wotskins.wordpress.com/ this is a site with different skins for the tanks as well, makes them look a lot better.

  3. Awesome, aplied to Clan, got into my pz2, will likely go artillery route so I can sit in a Priest haha.

  4. Oh ya -- a huge help is updating your icons. Then when you run into a tank you can hit alt and see their tier: then you know if it's best to fight or flight.

  5. http://wotskins.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/adiya%E2%80%99s-icon-mod/

  6. I made sure to research all avenues in the Tier 1 tanks, and then sold off the Cunningham and the MS1, and bought an AT-1, which looks like a Stug, and the m57, which is just a 105mm mounted on a tankette. So now I have 4 t2 tanks, and the leichte traktor.. which I just cant sell right now, for whatever reason I always do super well in it.

    Just need to hot-swap my 4 main tanks and build up credits to get into whichever tier3 tank I decide on..

    OH.. sometimes i see a flashing red triangle pointing down.. is that how you indirect fire? How do I get that to work? or do I need to get a better radio to get within command distance of scouting tanks? <-- Artillery noob here.

  7. I guess I can expect to see more unpainted models on the FoW battlefield! ;)

  8. "sometimes i see a flashing red triangle pointing down."

    Hit F1 to see help. I think it's someone on your team who has targeted someone and is hoping for focused fire.

    For arti I think to get into indirect mode you hit shift? Then click on the minimap?

  9. the last patch really slowed the game down, there is so much lag my JagdpanzerIV can hardly hit anything anymore:(

  10. I feel your pain... I'm trying to finish off the JgPzIV as well.


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