01 May, 2011

Fallschirmjäger Infantry: Part 2 - More Pioneers

In addition to the panzerknackers for my HQ I completed a second platoon of Fallshirmpioneers.  5 stands plus 4 flamethrowers and command.  Combined with these guys -> Fallschirmjäger Infantry: Part 1 (Pioneers), I can now make two platoons of 10 and 7 men.
Fallschirmjäger HQ  

2 Platoon with FTs
2 Platoon Command
Another shot of LG40s
My current 1000pt list is:

Platoon with 10 stands (2 FTs) and Supply Truck
Platoon with 7 stands (2 FTs)
Panzer III Platoon w/ 2 Ns and 1 M

To get up to 1500 I am looking at adding 2 Marder III Ms, 2 Pak 40s, and a small 2 gun Artillery Battery ( 10.5 leFH18).  The Marders are already painted.  But I do have other options.  Including some painted models...

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