14 May, 2011

Tier 3 AAR's 'n Pics

"Look, THESE 17pdrs aren't immobile!!"

Last night we ran the first round of Tier 3 in our escalation. I was able to make it out, and this time took the 16 gun artillery army, with 8 25pdrs, and 8 Priests, Hurricanes, and 2 units of Motor Rifles, minus trucks. Brett had his Fallschirmpioneeren, and Tristan v Moser had 8 Katyushkas amongst other things squaring off vs Tristan's Grenadier list (with 1000pts of tanks, you go girl!)

After my 16 guns fire and cannot range in, this is what 2 x 10.5cm german artillery does to my Priest Parking lot :(

Beautiful models, in Brettislava, Brett's latest city ruins he painted up.

Vids.. the first one, I am pretty bitter at the end of the match(sorry) because I was on the cusp yet again of victory, and came up short thanks to the fickle dice gods.. Video 2, the end of video 2 was cut off, so actually, watch game 2 first, then game 1, since the end of game 1 we find out the results of game 2... again, sorry


  1. THANK the gods his Katushkas couldnt see most of my force that game! Was a close game until my Pz IIIN came in and wiped out his SU-122s, then my tanks had free reign of the board. I am planning on switching my list up some, so stay tuned!

  2. I am also switching my list up. I spent a good 6 hours assembling stuff yesterday. Lets just say the 51st HD just got reinforcements, in the shape of the 7th Arm'd Div!! Also, did the bear's work of spackling ALL my infantry bases, mortar platoon, and all my guns.... Ran out of WWPD to listen to!

  3. They were SU-85s fyi, but you guys don't know russian equipment so i'll let it slide.


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