28 May, 2011

Last Week's AAR

"Where is the RAF?????"

AAR after the break.

Hey guys, Finally posting last week's AAR, 1500 points Escalation League, my Brits vs Duane's Germans, with me in the middle for Cauldron. I went old school and did an Africa list so I could take 2 units of tanks, full Arty, and still be "Infantry" list. Didn't have points to squeeze in the Hurricanes I normally field, and it turns out both Chris and Duane brought AA! Duane's Stuka's did a number on my artillery that's for sure.
Here we have Duane's panzer's assaulting my tiny motor platoon that was guarding my 8 25pdrs, who were sitting on the middle 2 objectives. I failed my counterattack roll, and the Bulldog roll, and got wiped..

However, very next turn, his 10.5's who had to deploy near my board edge due to Cauldron's deployment rules, get assaulted by my Crusaders after they crucially get those AT10 shots to the CO Panzer and kill him!

Duane's 2 AA halftracks, (really cool models IMHO) still in reserve.. would they come on and extend the game for Duane?

Vid below (first part is a hobby day mini vid)


  1. Lots of lessons learned here for me:

    1. I haven't bought the horses for the 10.5cm arti so they are hampered by a lack of mobility, so I put the arti on the board to get the dug-in bonus but they ended up being placed in the worst quadrant.

    2. Ultimately I think I should have put down the two armoured platoons - then used their mobility to meet up / reinforced reserves.

    3. Need to make better use of stormtrooper moves -- to cut down incoming fire..

  2. 4. I should have used smoke > regular shells a few times.

  3. Great report!

    Chris > got a link to the store that sells the Museum terrain stuff?


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