14 October, 2010

Splinters of Chaos

CA$H here,

I just penned my final list for next weekend's local tournament "Splinters of Locara". It is being run by "Sober Gamer", and picks up right after last year's Locara campaign. For more info, please swing by HERE and feel free to take part! It really will be global, since games can be played anywhere. Without further mumbling, here is the list I have settled on:

Daemon Prince - 155 pts
Wings, MoS, Lash of Submission


Noise Marines x8 – 250pts
Sonic Blasters x 7
Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Melta bombs

Chaos Space Marines (10) - 255 pts
Aspiring Champ w/ Power Fist, IoCG, Meltagun(2)

Summoned Lesser Deamons x8 - 104pts


Chosen x5 - 165pts
Meltagun x4,Rhino

Vindicator – 125pts
Obliterator x3 – 225pts
Land Raider - 220pts


I know it is a little heavy on points in the heavy support area, but the obliterators are all conversions, and I love me some Vindicator action (despite it rarely getting it's points back). So, what do you all think? I will be testing it out tomorrow for FNF(Friday Night Fights) and we shall see what I can accomplish with it.

I am open to suggestions and any/all input, but please keep in mind the idea wasn't to run a "net list" - I went with the models I love the look of, over functionality.
Oh, and pics of the whole painted army to follow tomorrow!



  1. I guess the only comment I have is you are light on troops. I know you have 3, but one of them, the demonettes, are pretty fragile, but the rest of the army is needed so I wouldnt know what to cut.

  2. I would only worry about the minimal troops, but they are solid, even if they are few. I assume all the noise marines would be in the Raider?


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