02 October, 2010

Video Battle Reports x 2!

Lothlann's Used Tank Emporium! the 40,011's must go, the new 40,012's are coming in!

Hey guys, I finally settled in on a list for the Los Deimos campaign tournament: Tyranids

Tyranid Prime, Devourer, twin Boneswords, Regenrate

3 units of 2 Hive guard

Tervigon, Cluster Spine,Adrenal glands, Toxin Sacs x 2
20 strong unit of Termagaunts x2

Heavy Support-
Tyrranofex with Rupture cannon, Cluster Spine x 2

1500 points on the nose. I originally had the usual 2 units of ten termagaunts, but I found the big units to be more resilient, and I needed bodies on the table even in KP missions.

Here are some videos:
First up we have Seven Six with his aweseme orange and blue Nids vs the parking lot.

And then we have my Nids vs Ca$h's Noise Marines. The battle of the purple dice rages on


  1. "Don't use MY fucking dice" is a great quote.

  2. hahaha sad but true, any dice that I touch are horribly cursed

  3. I let him use my dice once, I rolled 1s for a week.


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