22 October, 2010

Los Deimos Tourney 2 days away!!

Welp, 2 days left to go. Yesterday I ironmanned and rehilighted skin and carapace on 20 termagaunts, so that the army is done, just not the extra 20 spawnable termagaunts, which I still might do. I must say the army looks a lot better now, if you'll notice, the carapaces have all been redone on everything, and the skin has more depth, ie isnt just drybrushed white anymore haha

I am now working on new objective markers. In the campaign that kicks off right after Sunday's tournament, Tyranids can move around on the map like everyone else, or can use Sewers. Without even seeing the sewer map, I can tell this is going to be super characterful, since during the last Campaign, Los Deimos was long held by my Tyranids, then was swept clear by those dirty Eldar belonging to Silar of http://thefallenprinces.blogspot.com

So it is totally natural that some Genestealers hung around, underground, in hiding, for all these forces to swoop in for whatever important stuff is in the Hive Center. So I am working on some sewer entrances, with a few other goodies, in case I roll up the 5 objectives..

Here are some pics of the newly highlighted army, ready for sunday:

And last but not least, a video battle report vs Ca$h's secret project: He has been working on a new army, only this week. The challenge is, can he paint it on week, if so, he will use them, if not, he falls back and uses his Slaaneshi Chaos.

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  1. Hey hey my Eldar aren't dirty! They are just haven't had time to shower, that's all.
    Wish I was in Ottawa for the tournament as I've been working on a windrider force. But trust me when I say, my Eldar will reclaim Los Deimos from the upstart Mon-keigh!


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