07 October, 2010

47 Termagaunt kills... Can YOU Guess what inflicted this?

Like the title says... I played Battle Report 58 last night, and lost 47 termagaunts to a single unit. It is the least likely of IG units too! This was a sick game: I spawned so many termagaunts with my Tervigons.. Started with 40, and spawned at least 35 more.

This video doesn't convey how epic this game truly was.. I made a bet that if "Knife Guy" aka, squad sgt in a platoon squad could KILL my Tyranofex in HtH combat, I would build him a chimera covered in spare Carnifex plates chained to it.

I also had the chance to quickly take some footage of another tourney list test game: Lurker Below's Imperial Fists vs Chimaera's incredibly painted Tyranids. More intel on lists.. Not filmed was Twin Linked and Royal Falcon played Los Deimos tourney tester game in the back room of GW too... on a Wednesday! I thought we'd be the only game on a quiet night!

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