07 April, 2010

My new list

So i'm trying out a new guard list, this is what im going to take to the store tomarrow to have a game with Matt Varnish.

175 company command, astropath, 4 melta guns, chimera

115 veterans, 3 plasma guns
115 veterans, 3 plasma guns
125 platoon command, 4 melta guns, chimera
95 squad A, flamer, autocannon, commissar
60 squad B, flamer, autocannon
105 heavy weapon squad, 3 lascannon

fast attack
130 vendetta
130 vendetta

heavy support
150 hydra squad x2
135 medusa
165 demolisher

thats a flat 1500 pts. Its my basic list with a bit of a mix with the hydras which are new (pics to come) and with a small platoon insted of 2 more veterans squads, which allows me access to heavy weapons teams.

1 comment:

  1. Im taking my std 1500 pt list too, should be fun, see you tomorrow


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