13 April, 2010

Space Wolves - 1500 points

So after about 20 games, and about that many lists, I think I have hit upon a 1500 point list that gives me tons of tactical flexibility while maintaining the close combat "feel" I was/am after with the Space Wolves. Here it is:


Wolf Priest 1: 125pts
runic armor, melta bombs

Rune Priest: 125 points
Runic Armor, Melta Bombs, Chooser of the slain


Wolf Guard Pack 1: 152 points
Combi-melta x4, Power Fist x2, Power Weapon x2


Grey Hunter Pack 1: 185 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
Rhino Transport

Grey Hunter Pack 2: 190 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen
Rhino Transport, extra armor

Grey Hunter Pack 3: 175 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen
Rhino Transport

Grey Hunter Pack 4: 135 points
5 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of wulfen
Razorback Transport armed with twin linked heavy bolters


Land Speeder 1: 70 points
Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder 1: 70 points
Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer


Long Fangs Pack 1: 190 points
1 Squad Leader, 5 Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
Razorback with Twin-linked Las cannon

Predator 1: 85 points
Autocannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons

1499 points

Obviously the wolf guard each join a unit as needed. The wolf priest joins the unit with the drop pod- giving them preferred enemy, fearless, and with the wolf standard, one nasty assault. They are also fearsome to assault into. I'm open to people's thoughts and comments on the list.



  1. Okay, I'm going to preface by saying that this list is pretty solid for the role and style you're advocating. My comments are mainly looking at how I'd personally tweak it.

    1. Why Runic Armour on the Priests? You're paying 20 points each to give a 2-wound model an extra 1/6 save... presuming the weapon they're hit with even allows one. It's nice to have insurance, but other units could use the points more. For example, those could upgrade both Speeders to Typhoons, bump the Pred sponsons to Lascannons or several other things.
    2. The Razorback is designed to be a ranged support platform yet the guys inside are meant to be a close range assault unit. I'd either put them in a Rhino and bulk out the squad... OR drop the Wolfguard and MotWulfen, switch the meltagun to a simple Flamer, and then give the Razorback a decent gun like Las/Plas.
    Given a choice, I'd go for the latter. You've already got 3x melta squads and lots of anti-troop dakka in the LFangs and Predator.

    And that's about it. Cheers!

  2. I appreciate the feedback. I have found the 2+ save keeps the wolf priest alive in CC, I probably could afford to remove the runic armor from the Rune priest though.
    As for the razorback mounted grey hunters, they are the odd ducklings of the list for sure, but then they tend to hang back on my "home" objective, and can mount a half decent counter assault if anything comes to contest. I have been toying with the idea of dropping them in favor of a twin-linked las dread for more ranged support. Or a second pred - except of the annihilator pattern. We shall see.

    Great feedback though - lots to think on! Thanks!

  3. I like the list a lot Tristan, I am especially impressed with everything being mounted :)

    You have good CC punch, good anti-vehicle and some decent ranged firepower, a very nice 'all-comers' list. Only thing that would worry me playing this list is Guard all mounted, either in cheap, mass produced Chimeras, or 4 Vendettas with vets inside who can snipe you to death and concentrate firepower enough to wipe you out unit by unit...well I guess I can stop giving away my secrets, lol...

    Nice list!

  4. Whats funny J-O is that between you and Lothlann and I, we have those lists for guard.....

    Though I am refocusing on Tyranids after repainting 1500 pts of guard for th next little while.

  5. I dont see a drop pod in your list.


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