06 April, 2010

Changing Gears a bit...

Ok so I got work done on my guard the last couple months, but the release of my original 40k army has my mind thinking Blood Angels these days...

I picked up the Death Company boxed set and I was floored by the stuff in it!!!

GW has once again, got its claws into me. There are so many options in this box for weapons and wargear I plan to buy a half dozen boxes to outfit my entire army with new goodies :)

The plastics are of incredible detail as well...

I'll throw up pics of my Blood Guard (Angels) captain I painted this week. He will be leading my Sternguard and acting as a Sergeant for now, just a heroic sergeant :)

I am out for now!


  1. nice, I'm about to change gears as well, just need to finish off detailing the medusas and colossus and my 1500 pt arm is done.

    Question is, what to do? Tyranids perhaps?

  2. I take it this is Den? I think you should do some Nid stuff. You have a lot done, maybe just do some fun units for now.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the BA on the table!

  4. The best part is they are mostly ready to go, just going to assemble and paint a dozen guys or so to spice up the current guys with the new weapons/torsos, shoulder pads and heads from the DC boxed set.

  5. yeah that was Den, what i did actually is assembled 5 GOOD objective pieces mounted on 60mm bases, I need to exchange something to get a box of warriors to make my 2 Primes and the body of the third to make another Zoat, so that is my next week's work I guess


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