09 April, 2010

Thursday Night Fights Apr 8

Well, I finally finished painting my 1500 pt tournament list, and took it for a test drive vs Lothlann's progressively khornate Traitor Guard, SM Mohawk's Ultras 1st Co, and then Diragi's Ultras-soon-to-be-Space Wolves. Duane, aka Diragi is the guy I got into the hobby with back in '97, and he was playing his first game of 5th ed.

FYI, Sorry about the store music being way too goddamned loud in some parts, no control over that.



  1. Its cause his army is painted, and maybe the new dice.

  2. While many impartial people would say that poor generalship (ie: putting the terminators in reserve) was the cause of my downfall; I squarely place the blame on inferior borrowed units.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. hahaah that or its because they are 23 year old models?


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