05 May, 2020

An unexpected pause...

As many may already know, Games Workshop closed down their warehouses, web stores and factories due to Covid-19. This impacted my next purchases for my Seraphon as I wanted to pick up a Stegadon and Slann. With all the local (and some not so local) sold out and not able to restock, I have started to shift focus until I can order the kits I want. So what to work on next? Well, I started by following a tutorial on Lustria Online about how to kit bash an Astrolith Bearer out of the eft over parts from a Seraphon Start Collecting box. This is what I ended up with :

More pictures after the break and a link to the tutorial!!

Lustria-Online Link:


Here is the "real" Games Workshop resin kit :

It uses only Games workshop parts - even the disc in the center is a trimmed GW base. I was lucky I had a spare 40mm base as he is a Hero and on the larger base. I think it turned out well and saves me $30 CAD!

But with this now completed and ready for the Slann to come in the army, what else can I work on?
Well my kids have really enjoyed our games and want to start another army that can be played against my new Seraphon. This is a great problem to have to ponder! What do I want from a second faction that will mainly be played by my kids and maybe a friend or two (if they want to try the game)? I decided to make a quick "Top 3" list of criteria for this second army:

Number 1
Most important to me is the kids "like" the faction. They don't have to love it but they have to be excited to see them on the table. I also want an aesthetic the kids can help paint and not be too intricate or intimidating for my 7yr old son.

Number 2
The second is definitely low model count! An elite army (low model requirement) should translate to me still having the bulk of my time to focus on my army, and also allow me to get another force painted up and on the table in a relatively short period. This second criteria also (usually) translates into a lower price point also as you are buying less model kits.

Number 3
Lastly its got to be easy to play with. I am no longer a competitively focused player so neither of my forces are "competitive" in the tournament sense, but this will be the "beginners" army for my kids and other potential players. Ideally it will have straight forward rules, clear roles for each unit, and similar stats (warscrolls) throughout so its easier to remember what you are doing.

Factoring in all these criteria we collectively landed on this :

It just arrived in the mail from my local games store Out of the Box - Best games store in Ottawa! Dan is a great guy and is even offering flat rate shipping during this pandemic time. I buy all my hobby supplies and forces from him as I prefer to support local businesses and value what he is doing in the community. For $85 CAD it seems like a great deal as it's almost 900 points in one box! I will scour ebay for the final two Retributors we need to make a unit of five but this is the planned start to the 1000pt list:

Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
Vandus Hammerhand (280)
- General
Lord-Relictor (100)

5 x Liberators (100)
- Warhammer & Shield
5 x Liberators (100)
- Warhammer & Shield
3 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (90)
5 x Retributors (200)

TOTAL: 870

I'm excited to get stuck in! Stay tuned for more updates and more Seraphon once I can find the kits I want - oh and before I forget, I am on the hunt for Kroxigors and Salamander so there are many more Seraphon updates to come. Thank you for reading.


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