27 April, 2020

First Blood and a Skink Starpriest

The first battle for the new Seraphon between two tenacious commanders. My kids! At 11 and 7, they are primed to enjoy the game now and honestly they are excited to try their wits against each other. Both have obviously been exposed to my longstanding table top gaming hobby so it comes as no surprise that as the self isolation and social distancing continue, they are more keen to try different things with their time. I am more than happy to oblige ;)

But before we get to the game, I did finish another model this week :

 Skink Starpriest

More after the break!

Another character completed! I am really looking forward to trying this little buy out on the table. The abilities this guy brings to the army are awesome. Chance to generate more command points each turn, buffing friendly units to have a chance to cause mortal wounds, and even a spell to give enemy units -1 to hit he has it all.

But what about the game you ask? It pitted mirrored forces on a smaller board. Keeping it simple and balanced for the kids was essential so I elected to give them each the following forces:

Skink Priest
10 Saurus Warriors with clubs
10 Skinks with Bonespitters
5 Saurus Knights with lances.

The scenario was a custom one - and very straight forward. They each were vying for control of the central Realmshaper Engine. The player that had the most models within 12" of the engine at the end of turn 3 (gotta keep the game quick and snappy!) wins.

Here are a couple shots of the "Demons of Death" (Jensons force) against Londons "Skull Tribe" - I asked them to come up with names and I'm not sure where the names came from but that's how it goes in this house I suppose.

Bottom of turn one - Knights engaging on the flank (top) will the infantry move towards the Realmshaper Engine in the center. You will note that Lonons Saurus are down a couple models from Jensons skink shooting! 

 Bottom of turn 2 - Knights still slugging it out far off to the side while everything else gets stuck in to melee around the center

 Skinks are not long for this world when getting smacked by Saurus

Bottom of turn 3. Time to see who has the most models. Sadly the kids had already started cleaning up but the end was a difference of 1. 1 Saurus between them! London lost 2, Jenson only 1. So Jensons "Demons of Death" win the day!

The kids really enjoyed the game and we will be playing again soon so stay tuned for more. I think I will try to video the next one! This has also spawned a new project - a second faction so we can play games and not just do mirror matches! The debate rages as to what army that will be. I am leaving it up to the kids to agree on with my only stipulation being that it should be a more "elite" force with a lower model count so I won't be taking too much time away from my growing Seraphon. Expect the choice to be made in time for the next update!

Until then,


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