17 May, 2020

Thunder bolt of lightning...

It's very very frightening that there are now Stormcast Eternals in the house! The kids decided on that faction and I committed to assist with the assembly and some of the painting. Looking through the battletome they decided on the purple and gold of the Lions of Sigmar:

So with this paint scheme chosen we set to work to put together a simple step by step for the kids to follow to achieve the desired look. I modified the belt/skirt area to make it black (to break up the gold better) and here is where we stand with 10 Liberators completed to a basic tabletop standard :

Click on past the break for a couple more pictures and our planned next steps!

You will notice the colors are vibrant and there is minimal highlighting. The goal was to keep it simple and somewhat fast for 7 and 11 year old kids to replicate. Once requirement was some orange, so the weapon handles got that covered. I did the basing for them. You will see come plain gold models in the background which I sprayed a light gold to speed up the base coating. We haven't made a decision on the decals yet, whether to add them to the pauldrons or not.

The kids have already painted a unit of Sequitors, a Knight-Incantor and some Castigators from the small starter set they got last year where they went wild on colors. We have started with updating them to match the new Liberators - here is the Knight-Incantor who only needed the color changed from blue to purple to bring him in line :

I tried a couple different methods to highlight up the purple but have yet to choose one the kids can do simply enough so for now it's just P3's "Beaten Purple". 

I will be posting more updates as work continues and hope to film a simple game/battle report this week to share on the blog too so keep a look out for that.

As always, thanks for reading and I'll post another update soon!


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