29 May, 2020

Last Stormcast - for me

But not for the family! I have finished up the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth for the kids starting Stormcast Eternals force :

Not amazing but table ready for the kids!

Skip on past the break for more pictures and information on upcoming units and battle reports!

A couple more beauty shots:

The kids are going to be starting work on the remaining units. Protectors, Retributors, and a Lord-Relictor still need to be painted up from the Start Collecting box we picked up. They are also having fun with paint schemes and colors with a unit of Sequitors and Castigators. All told we will have a 1000 point list ready to go in the next week or so and to celebrate we are going to have a game perhaps even record a simple battle report. The kids are keen to start a YouTube channel to track their work and games so we are floating ideas and names so stay tuned for more on that!

I continue some work on my Seraphon, namely an old Slann I found super cheap on Ebay that I am going to "Ebay Rescue" and incorporate into my force. I still plan to pick up a Stegadon, some Kroxigors and Lord Kroak.

I also came across my old Empire army from years back. Looking through the Cities of Sigmar book, I can easily build out a 1500 (all human) army. Aside from all the Freeguild infantry units, I plan to use the old Empire Knights as Drakespawn Knights as the stats and abilities line up perfectly. I will also do up a unit of 10 of the old Empire Huntsman (all armed with bows) as Shadow Warriors - sneaking in from ambush! I'm excited to see these units have a home on a battlefield again and my son is excited about all the Handgunners and Volley Guns!

Until the next update - Keep on Hobbying!



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