18 February, 2020

Seraphon - aka Space Lizards!

It's been a long while since I last started an "army" scale project. The last few game systems I have been involved in have been smaller skirmish systems like Infinity that only required 10-20 models at maximum. Now granted, Age of Sigmar army sizes are much smaller (total model count wise) than the Warhammer fantasy of old. Yes you can choose to paint up units of 40+ Skaven clanrats but really the game rewards smaller more mobile units because there are actually very few scenarios that require one to "camp" an objective. This is due to this specific rule:

"Once you gain control ofan objective, it remains underyour control until the enemy isable to gain control of it."

The beauty of this is that you don't have to babysit objective to score them each turn. It encourages mobility, which leads to more back and forth during a game - something I really enjoy. But enough about the core rules (they are free here : https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf ) let's get back to Seraphon. I have been busy the past 10 days.....

I started with 2 Start Collecting boxes :
The two boxes gives me enough models to build the following:

  1. One Saurus Hero on Carnosaur (Oldblood or Scar Veteran)
  2. One Troglodon
  3. One Saurus Hero on foot
  4. One Skink Wizard
  5. One 20 strong unit of Saurus Warriors (with an additional second full command in case I want to split them into two units of 10)
  6. Saurus Astrolith Bearer
  7. Three 5-model units of Saurus Knights, each with Full Command
  8. One Scar-Veteran on Cold One 

This diversity is something I came across on Lustria-Online (http://www.lustria-online.com/ ). Specifically here : http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/how-to-start-collecting-seraphon.20575/

This amazing site is dedicated to all things space lizards, and has many wonderful forum posts for building/converting models along with army ideas, painting blogs and tactical discussions.

All that, at retail from my local store https://www.outoftheboxcards.com/ for less than $200 taxes in - NEW in box! 

Oh, I also picked up one box of Skinks. It contains 24 models, so I decided to build a unit of 20 skinks armed with bonespitters and shields. 

Over the past roughly 10 days I built the 20 skinks, 23 Saurus Warriors, Skink Priest, Skink Starpriest(wizard), Scar Veteran on Cold one, and the 15 Saurus Knights. I am saving the Troglodon and Carnasour for the end as a "reward" and also because I wont be using them in the smaller games I am currently playing. 

A huge draw to Seraphon for me was the fact I have never collected or played the army. I even traded the Lizardmen contents of the old 5th edition starter set away for more Bretonnians back in the day. The other is the vibrant color scheme that Seraphon encourages one to use - the brighter the better in my opinion. Here is the start I have made:

I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of bright colors and the speed and effectiveness of the Games Workshop contrast paints. I also tried Vallejo Acrylic Thick Mud effects for the basing for the first time, and the color and texture all in one pot - with some lichen/moss added for greenery, really made the "jungle" bases pop. With the Skinks I also used some cheap plastic aquarium plant branches to simulate the skinks sneaking through the foliage. I picked up a couple cheap bags of different plants off Amazon for under $10 and I think it worked out nicely here. I can't wait to do more dense foliage on the larger monster bases! I will be sure to cover the paints used in my next post also.

This next week or so I plan to try to get both Skink Heroes done, along with starting on the 15 Saurus knights. I am well on my way and the enjoyment of seeing a new army come together is very rewarding for me. I'm looking forward to many games with these guys so stay tuned for some battle reports once my force takes shape. 

Cheers for now,

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