26 February, 2020

Adding some character to the army

The progress continues on my new Seraphon Army project. After completing 20 skinks and 23 Saurus warriors I have continued into the supporting cast - aka the Heroes of this fledgling force.

Following the "kitbash" recommendations from Lustria Online I have built and painted the following 3 Heroes:

Hero Number #1 -  Skink Priest

Glamour Pic #2

Using one of my spare skinks (from the unit box that comes with 24) along with some bits from the Saurus Warriors sprues I kit-bashed up a simple Skink Priest. The rules (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-skinkpriest-en.pdf) lends this models to represent the priest with the "Priestly Trappings" choice over the "Cloak of Feathers" option.  Adding the top of a totem along with making my skink heroes orange skinned helps differentiate these from the regular skinks. There is no mistaking them on the table and they are WYSIWIG - perfect! Each kit-bashed hero also saves me $25+ which is awesome. I also ensure that all bits used are GW by the way so they are completely "tournament legal" should the need ever arise.

On to Hero Number 2:

 Skink StarPriest

This hero uses the skink priest that is part of the troglodon kit which is modified to be on foot. Just using some foam to build a rock for him to stand on. This will be my Skink StarPriest (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-skinkstarpriest-en.pdf) with his Serpent Staff. He is different enough from the other priest that I believe it will be clear to my opponents which is which. 

The final hero:

If it isn't apparent, he is my Scar-Veteran on Cold One. Built from the last Saurus Knight model, with kit-bash from my now-massive Seraphon bits collection. Having 2 Start Collecting boxes means I have so many part that I still have all the parts to make a Saurus Astrolith Bearer, a Saurus Hero on Carnosaur, a Troglodon w/priest on top, and one Saurus Hero on Foot (to represent either the Saurus Oldblood or Saurus Sunblood).

Next on my list are the 15 Saurus Knights, built in 3 groups of 5 with full command so stay tuned for my next update to see how they turn out! After the knights, the remaining two Saurus heroes will be on deck for assembly and painting. If you haven't noticed, I am "saving" the best for last. The Carnosaur and Troglodon behemoths. I can't wait!

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