04 February, 2020

2020 - New Beginnings

A new year. A new decade. Looking back at this site, all the way back to 2009, I see why I started it. It was a way to log my hobby and gaming interests. That was it. A simple idea that I have not always stuck to, but I haven't stopped in the hobby arena. In fact, my interests have grown more diverse and interesting (at least to me) and my skills have slowly improved. So with that said, this is my note to myself to get back to the basics. I plan to post a few times a month, hopefully weekly, with the progress I am making across the different games an interests I have, and just see where my 2020 hobby takes me.

So let's start with what I have been doing in January. For xmas I picked up the new Steamforged Games release - Godtear. https://steamforged.com/godtear

This is a departure for me from the usual war games I play as it's closer to a board game, except with Champions you buy and paint and choose which you want to use each time you play. It's kinda like a cross between a MOBA (like Dota 2 or League of Legends) and a miniature war game. Here is a trailer for it:

One of the main reasons I bought this was my wife showed interest in playing something more akin to a board game (she is a big fan of traditional board games) so how could I pass up the opportunity to play a war game-ish miniature game with her?!? So I bought both the starter boxes, each with two champions and their followers. I then proceeded to pick up 7 more Champions to add variety to the way we can play them and got to work painting. Over the course of a month, I painted a total of 10 Champions and followers. Here are some pics of them:

The game is fast, very dynamic, easy to learn and you can play in an hour - it's a great "gateway" game into miniature war gaming and really isn't a large investment. I encourage you to check it out!

And now that they are painted I'm "done" with the hobby side of the game, unless I pick up some more Champions in the coming months as they have about 16 so far. What this did though was really get my hobby juices flowing again so I took some time to reflect on what I want out of the games and models I paint and I came to a the conclusion that I really like painting diverse and interesting models with varied paint schemes. I also want a game I can find players of anywhere, any day of the week to allow for the flexibility to fit my hobby into my busy like of career, fatherhood, summer weekends away etc. This led to me go back to my roots. My roots? That's for my next post ;)


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