30 December, 2016

2016, what did I paint?

How I feel after a hardcore painting session..

Not much pre-amble:  last year I kept a loose tally of what I painted.   This year I kept better track.   Taking inspiration from a bunch of folks from around the 'net, here is what I painted this year, first pics, then a video with more explanation

January was me rebasing my old Perry Miniatures 28mm French Napoleonics for the Black Powder ruleset.  This is a small brigade of 3 battalions of line infantry, their brigadier, and the three wound markers. The wound dice go in the green spaces on the markers..

February:  Team Yankee.  Rebased my old soviet infantry (the AT-3 Sagger teams are the RPG stands..) and bought new infantry as well.  I had at this time painted up 9 BTR transports, but have since traded them in for proper BMP2s (seen below)

 BMPs.   Still represents 9 vehicles painted in the month of February

March:  Mid-War tournament inbound, so I figured I'd blast through some old models:  88 battery, 5 Pzr IIIs and 5 Pzr IVs

Looking good!

April.   After a few games of Black Powder, I need skirmishers BAD.  here is my first unit of them plus wound marker.  These are Voltiguers.. pronounced Vul-Tee-sier (the 's' is like Hoosiers..like a J)  Sorry, having heard them mis-pronounced at Fall-In was driving my Cdn self bananas!

May and June:  So early war tournament in June plus Cdn Nationals in September.  Why not paint up 25+ vehicles for it!!  Italian Carri Compania.

 Close-up of the coastal gun trucks.  5+ truck saves baby!

 Broken down italian vehicles.. I know, stretching the imagination a bit!

 Tanketti's (as I pronounce them.  so many MG shots.. awesome)

July:  I had built these earlier, but rebased for Black Powder, and table-topped.  2 units of Dragoons (Perry Plastics) plus 2 Horse Artillery guns plus Cav Brigadier.

August.  4 Jagdpanthers in ambush camo scheme, 2 Hind-Ds, 2 Sukhoi 25s.   This just in:  The HINDs are horrible to assemble!

Look good though, in a finally-not-afghanistan-tan camo scheme.

 AT-27 missiles..

More Dots... ok stop dots!

September:  2 more guns, Chasseurs-a-Cheval Light cavalry, and some more metal line infantry.

October.. just one gun and the first Guard infantry battalion for my French

November: some artillery support for my Soviets: 3 2S1 'Carnation' SPGs and their observer vehicle.. a BTR50PK (not the generic BMP-1..)

Also worked on a Grenadier Guard infantry battalion, plus brigadier, plus Division commander.  Yes, I need to draw the maps in...

December, with more of the lads getting into Team Yankee, i decided to touch up my old QRF lead T-72s.  Added markings to the spotlight cover, added periscope effects, night vision port, head lamps, tail lights, decal numbering and red stars to 10 T72s

On top of that, I painted up a 3rd unit of Guard for my french.  The bearskin hats is all-that.  This and the guard artillery gives me a third brigade, all Guard.

Lastly, the 2nd unit of Skirmishers.. this is the 9eme Legere.. dubbed "Les Incomparables" as they had over 35 battles!!

All told, I painted over 400 models!!!!!!!!! which is on average more than 1 a day.  Too bad I have another 400 models still to paint ..  Zulu's, British, Scottish Covenanters, and a Confederation of the Rhine French brigade of 4 more infantry battalions!!!!

As usual, video that better explains stuff is below:


  1. Love your painting. The Hinds are a real standout favorite for me. The camo is really really well done.

  2. Thanks.. Vallejo Gunship Green base, Luftwaffe Dark Camo green and Sky Grey splotches, and I forget which light blue grey for the bottom.


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