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Team Yankee, Pair of 60 pt games, USSR vs USA & UK

A Lynx and burning in the distance... surely not a hint of things to come??  Note optics box above the gunner's seat.

We had another Team Yankee Night.  60 point game, my Soviets vs US (Ca$h) and UK (Matty) allied together. We find 10 points per side per foot of table to be very good right now so far.    This time instead of just rolling dice, we decided to play a mission by the book, bid for attack and defence and all that.  

Initial set up below, Soviets on the right, NATO on the left.
They opted to deploy the Lynx's on the board behind trees, the M109s, and the formation M1 tank commander, with 2 M1s in Ambush.   I had my BMP-Blob and some T72s.   Everything else was delayed/scattered reserves.

My initial thought was: They have only the M109s on the board that is a good spirits platoon, the air assets are support.  M1s were in Ambush.  So I moved my T-72s in the foreground up on the hillock to fire into concealed M109s.. couldn't even manage to bail one.   On the other side, my BMP missiles killed one Lynx needing 6's to hit, and the other lynx ran for home!  Their Turn 1, the M1s spring ambush and kill 3 T-72s

Turn 2, I move my infantry up to threaten the objective between the oil tanks, my Hinds come in and my T72s try again to kill platoons to force a formation check before their reserves arrive.. I am able to reduce the platoons to below good spirits, and kill off the formation commander.

On the other flank, my BMPs are only looking at an OP FIST M113, which is not a platoon in terms of formation morale.  So beginning of turn 2, they have no platoons in good spirits and no commander, everything else is in reserves.   Crappy way to lose a game, so we switch table edges and play again!

Game 2
Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics, but in the video below you get the gist of what happened.. they rushed my left hand objective, I had my infantry spread out to both objectives, which allowed them to kill off models near the left-most objective.   I had to resort to using my BMPs as mobile light vehicle killers.. their VADS and air threat keeping my Hinds at bay.

I foolishly moved infantry up out of their foxholes to engage some M113s.. luckily made most of my saves..

BMPs (they are BTR's, to be seen in a Volks Armee list very soon!) swing round to try and save my objective to my left..

Newly painted SA-14 Gremlin AA missile team FAILS to bring down any A-10s who would vaporise the BMP swarm in the center of the board with gatling fire.

We end up calling the game, they went all out to capture the objective (lower left, foreground) and the timely arrival of my reserves would spell the end of the NATO force.  It was also getting late, so we packed up and went home, with some lessons.. namely, if you know your opponent is going first, put your Hunter-Killer Helos in Loiter, and try and Blitz move them onto the board!!!  Also, my Hinds need to be WITHIN 4 inches of Tall terrain to get concealment from the deadly VADS!  Lastly, moving up to try and engage light vehicles even with RPG-18s and RPG-7s is costly.. the +1 to hit for moving is brutal.  Only use in extreme curcumstances, like if they are about to win on an objective

Hope you guys enjoyed it, we sure did.   This is my last game with my wheeled vehicles and my T-55s.  I have made a horse trade for moar T-72s, and have BMP-1Ps coming   Rumour has it my old stuff may or may not be Iraqi Republican Guard in the not-to-distant future? ! ?

Video of battles below!


  1. Very nice. Really love the Camo on the Hinds. Who makes the BTR80A's?

  2. QRF makes the BRDMs and the 3 more modern BTRs and the command BTR60PK. Zvezda makes the other ones in plastic, the ones with just the regular turrets. The Camo on the Hind-Ds I wanted something other than the typical Afghanistan one so went with this. Some naval unit had them the grey and green, so I took it !


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