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Another Gaming Year Winding Down

It's been a busy 2016, with the release of a few new games such as Team Yankee, the re-vamp of Warmachine and a shift to plastic miniatures by Battlefront for Flames of War. It signifies it's a great time to be a nerd and enjoy all things dice related moving into a new year.
Make sure you have enough money and time going into 2017! You're going to need plenty of both to get your armies to where you will be comfortable getting them onto a table.

Ah yes. Planes, you'll need two...make that THREE plane models once again for Flames of War. Going from three planes in older to versions, to one plane for version 3, once again needing three aircraft models for V4.

Got some new material to look over this coming year as well.

Did some PAK 40's up for Tristan, here's hoping that the rules changes and 2017 brings some more of the group around into hopefully playing some more Flames of War and perhaps helping out the small tournament scene in our area.

I played my German Panther Tank Company a TON this past year. They did pretty good overall in both casual and tournament play this past year. How much they will get used in the future really comes down to how the new Version 4 rules weaken or strengthen the heavier tank lists. Should know by April 2017!

A few more tournaments hopefully in the upcoming 'season'. I put my annual Tanksgiving Tournament on hold this year to travel with Dennis (aka MattVarnish) to check out Kingston, and NEXUS Games. Look for us to hit the road again to Petawawa, Kingston and likely another trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania for Cold Wars in March.

Not on hold by any means! I've been working on my Menoth army for Warmachine and hopefully will continue to bolster my forces and become a little better painting this genre of miniature for a completely differet type of game.

The main entrance to Nexus in Kingston Ontario.
What a great store, it's well stocked and clean!!

The gaming area in this store is massive. They truly have one of the better venues for events. I hope Ian runs a few more tournaments down there and we all look forward to getting on the road and traveling to support him. Lots of terrain and tables are available and I know they have other gaming events throughout the year, so check them out here

 Team Yankee, Russians advance into the open taking shots from British Lynx helicopters and I think even a few anti-tank rounds from Tristan's American forces. I think this has been a hit so far, it's certainly given everyone a little bit of interest in buying their own armies and getting them on the table. More Battle Reports coming in 2017!

I'll continue to add to my Brits. Here I have just finished assembling another starter box worth of models and improving the number of options I have moving forward into Team Yankee in 2017! I have a few things I need to get out of the box and get put together and painted. Assembled on the table are a different array of  Team Yankee, Flames of War, Flames of War 'Vietnam' and a few completed teams of German infantry, anti-tank guns and a platoon of US troops for my Vietnam Air Cav.

Santa came through! I have a few things unwrapped and added to the UK effort in the Cold War. Not pictured, I also have a box of armored transports, the Mechanized Company, some Milan teams and a few other odds and ends. I should be up to 100 points fairly soon for Team Yankee, then I will just add to it as time goes on. I only plan on one faction for this game, as Flames of War will be my primary focus moving forward. Unless that is, Version 4 turns out to be a complete dud and kills the interest to play it in the new format. There is no reason why we can't stick with Version 3 of the rules if you like, but it's likely the tournaments and Nationals will adopt the new ruleset. I'm optimistic though and open minded enough to at least give it a go!

Hope you enjoyed your busy year, it's pretty chilly outside, so it'll be games indoors in my new game room and we'll move back out to the 'War Room' once it's warmed up once again.....typically around May I think is when we can start gaming 'outside' again. There are some changes again coming to the site and we'll have a new look moving into 2017 to freshen things up around here.


  1. Your kidding they are going back to 3 planes right?

    1. So, there are a few reports of 1 model representing 3 planes in one version (MW) and then 1-2 models representing 1-3 planes in another version (EW-LW) Right now, who knows.....seems to me we need to wait until March.....


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