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Let's Get a Move On Yeh!

Having a slight connection to the UK, it was easy for me to get into a few new games over the fall. Both Saga and Team Yankee offer a little bit of everything that brings me into all things Queen and Country! Saga stuff is one the way, just need to choose a faction. The British Army on the other hand, is here an assembled! Can't wait to take on the Communists!

This past month, a few of the things I wanted to keep an eye out for was a decent price on models or painted miniatures while attending Fall-In, down in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The latter was difficult, it seems even painted items fetch a hefty price. I think this is more a matter of people selling painted figs, as opposed to them wanting to sell something because they no longer have a use for it. I did however, end up with an amazing deal from a guy who wanted to part with some Soviet tank boxes for Flames of War. He ended up negotiating and really helping me out with a $35 USD purchase. I ended up with 2x Boxes of the paired SU-85/100 box, and the IS-2 Soviet Tank box. Essentially I paid less than retail for the IS-2 box and got the SU-85/100 boxes free! I couldn't thank him enough and now I will be able to put a dent in building a Soviet list.

Maggie would definitely approve of the force I will eventually table for Team Yankee! I'll eventually get some Harrier jets or perhaps be a little different from the rest and pick up a few Tornadoes instead, paint them up in RAF colors!

The Centurion main battle tank paved the way to the Chieftain, which is the main staple in the British forces during the beginning of the Cold War. The army box offers you all the bits and pieces to field a decent sized force, just shy of a few add-ons to get you to a 50 point army.

Everything you need to get started! Five Chieftain tanks, two Lynx helicopters with TOW anti-tank missiles. What's not pictured here is the fact you also get a free copy of the mini-rule book inside the box! Hopefully all the new releases of boxed armies come with the mini-rule book.

When I was a small child, my pram, or 'stroller' if you prefer...traveled to Canada in the bomb bay of one these from the UK during the late 70's. I can't imagine a better connection to such a marvelous aircraft. If they figure out a way to introduce the Vulcan bomber to Team-Yankee, I'm all in!

Getting used to the cards and how you use them during game-play is fairly straight forward and does not require much of a gaming learning curve. It's not much different than looking up your stat lines on a standard army list. Though having the 'special' rules or weapon descriptions on the reverse side of the card is huge plus and time saver during game-play. Each unit type will have their own card included with your models.


  1. I would use F-4E Phantoms from the Royal Navy or just 1/200 scale Vulcans to represent your strike aircraft. My russians await your quirky British, what with their driving on the wrong side of the road and such. And when Volks-Armee comes out in january, I'll be able to field second-tier russians using BTRs and all that stuff :)


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