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Battle Report: 82nd Airborne vs Panzer Lehr

I had the chance to play against Brad in Petawawa this past week, he has been busy with work and had missed the past few tournaments. I had my army on hand and dropped by Perkins Hobby House for a game. I've managed to snap some pictures and even had the opportunity to relax and record the game as well. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the brief video of what went down!
I left the 75mm Airborne artillery at home, going for the Glider 105mm instead.

We rolled up No Retreat and played on a fairly even board, made up of both buildings and a few pieces of area terrain, roads and a few plowed fields.

My list looks like this:

Compulsory Parachute Rifle Company HQ
CinC Carbine
2iC Carbine (30 pts)
3x Bazooka (60 pts)

Parachute Rifle Platoon
Command Rifle/MG
6x Rifle/MG
M2 60mm mortar
1x Bazooka (265 pts)

Parachute Rifle Platoon
Command Rifle/MG
6x Rifle/MG
M2 60mm mortar
1x Bazooka (265 pts)

Parachute MG Platoon
Command Carbine
4x M1919 LMG (100 pts)
British Armoured Platoon Guards Armoured Division
Command Sherman V
Sherman V
2x Firefly VC (435 pts)
1xSherman with .50cal AA MG (5 pts)

Airborne Anti-tank Platoon
Command Carbine
2x M1 57mm gun (70 pts)
2x Bazooka (40 pts)
1x Jeep per gun (5 pts)

Glider Field Artillery Battery
Command Carbine
Staff Team
Observer Carbine Team
3x M3 105mm light howitzer (85 pts)
1x Jeep per gun (5 pts)
Air Support
Limited P-47 Thunderbolt (150 pts)

1515 Points, 6 Platoons

I was trying to get a full six platoons and still have the flexibility to attach out my HQ bazookas and combat attach my LMG platoon if necessary. If you can make your main Infantry platoons a full size and then add some teams to beef up their numbers a bit, it really does make a difference if they have to stand their ground and hold an objective.

Airborne Anti-Tank 57mm guns, paid a few extra points to get the AT 10. They're all around flexible, ROF 3 with a 4+ FP, great for ambushes and adding a few bazooka teams, makes them less desirable to assault with armor.

The 82nd push back a German assault, leaving two half-tracks burning.

My armored unit backed off to help keep a 4" secure hold on the objective, Brad threw everything he had at the tanks and just couldn't do enough to force either a test, or push me back in order to secure the win.

At least they saw the table, it's a little rough trying to run infantry against any other armored units without some backup of your own. The one down side to having Shermans in Late War, is the ability to try and keep up with Tigers, and Jagdtigers, Panthers and so-on. The other option for Allied lists is still to have some heavier artillery in your lists. With V4 on the horizon, we'll see if that changes, but for now it's all we have to go on.


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