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Summer is OVER!

Flames of War games in the summer months generally indicate an upcoming event. In this case, Canadian Nationals are right around the corner. 05-06 Sep 2015, players from all over the country and the US will be in attendance.

Messing around with lists in Mid-War has always been difficult for me to get my head wrapped around. I don't have a ton of Mid-War period armor, so I often find myself going with German Pioneers or Infantry. I chose to go a different direction in playing Dennis' Brits on Wednesday night. My list was a Panzerkompanie out of 'Eastern Front'. Four simple platoons, a little on the expensive side for some of the units as far as the 1710 pts level is concerned.

Confident    Veteran   Panzerkompanie(Heer)
Armoured Company
German Mid-War
Tank Company
Panzerkompanie HQ(Heer)  p.37
Panzer IV G (late) or H
Schürzen sideskirts
Combat Platoons
Panzer Platoon(Heer)  p.37
Panzer IV G (late) or H
Schürzen sideskirts
Panzer Platoon(Heer)  p.37
2Panther D550
Divisional Support
Anti-tank Gun Platoon(Heer)  p.87
Cmd SMG team
Kfz 15 field car
7.5cm PaK40 gun
3-ton truck
Heavy Panzerspäh Platoon(Heer)  p.58
2Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)85
Company Points:1710

British anti-tank assets and infantry are watching the German objective in this game of Free-For-All.

My 8-Rads were on fire after taking fire immediately after they moved into position. I was hoping to get another turn out of them so I could close into the center field in the middle of the table. I mixed it up with a few of the Grants and managed not to lose any tanks during Dennis' turn. I did however end up having an entire platoon bailed out instead and they were easy pickings during the assault phase.

"There's no roddy pub for miles!" Grant Tank Driver
The Pzr IV burning in the field belongs to the I/C and would later prevent rolling Coy morale. The game would be over shortly after this picture was taken. The Germans managed to get the Brits to half strength, but ran out of supplies before they could regroup.

Unfortunately the CDN Nationals website fails to mention that Ottawa is the Capital of Canada, is home to the Canadian War Museum, Museum of Nature, Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, just to name a few. There are tons of parks and other attractions for the kids! Make it a family trip and bring the little ones before they head back to school! Leave the kids behind? Why not!! There are great restaurants, pubs, breweries all over the place! If you like to get away and are looking for something different, Casino Lac-Leamy is right across the bridge, just minutes from downtown! I hope the guys who made the trip last year relay how well run this event is, and will bring more FoW players from the US and Canada this year! See you there!


  1. Ok, so you persuaded me to stay an extra couple of days in Ottowa. What are the things that I definitely should not miss on my first trip there?

    1. I'm more than happy you decided to check out the area. Are you bringing kids or just coming yourself? That'll make a bit of a difference. Feel free to email me and I will send you a list of things to do and see you won't be dissapointed with.

      For now, check out the Parliament Buildings (Ottawa is our Nations Capital), the Air Museum and the National War Museum for sure should be on your list of places to visit. Depending on your hotel, you might be close to several areas where there are other things to see and do. Let me know and I will help you the best I can.


    2. Just me travelling by myself.

      Those 3 sound like they will be on my list for sure!!!!

  2. Just avoid the CLGS across the street from the hotel :)


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