02 August, 2015

And now for something totally different - Kings of War!

What? Seriously? RANKED fantasy mass battle? Is it 2001 or something?

No, but what a fun game! Most of here at DD have old Warhammer Fantasy armies, and with all the news of the game being killed off, conversations were had.

Now, most of us haven't played fantasy in years - and I mean YEARS! I pulled out my dwarf army, and it hadn't been on the table since ~2002...

So why Kings of War? Well, I did try 3 small Age of Sigmar games, and I hesitate to call it a game really. As an ex-GW staffer (circa 1990's) I can tell you that whatever Age of Sigmar is, it is NOT a well made "game". The models are stunning, especially the Chaos ones, but as a game, it functionally no better than the old "Mega Battles" on Sundays at the GW stores. All the kiddies bring in whatever they have, and a large game ensues, minus the "rules". But enough about Age of Sigmar, this is about Kings of War http://www.manticgames.com/

We mushed together 750pt armies, using the free rules and army PDFs from the Mantic site - and we have been playing quite a bit of it. Here is a small battle from this past Friday:

Stay tuned, I think I will be playing this more....


  1. Stoked to have a paint-fest tomorrow. I based a warmachine and dug old models out from under 3 inches of dust.

    Now to decide what to play!

  2. I want to paint my dwarves, but I really SHOULD paint my MW Brits for Cdn Nationals. I might bring both so when I get bored of one type, I will paint the other. Can I use your garage to spray prime some models T?

  3. Version 2 Kings of War has a bunch of improvements. It's the same basic game though. Heaps of fun.


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