16 August, 2015

I think this may become a thing....

The games of Kings of War are fast and furious. This past Friday I played a game against a new comer to 28mm - our own Phantom Rescue. He was given (yes - free!) a whole fantasy dwarf army on one condition - he paint it! So with this newly acquired horde, we faced off with 750pts a side.

This time out I brought Kingdoms of Men - using old Warhammer Fantasy Empire models. Where did those come from you ask? I picked up just over 2000points, about half painted, for $40!

Enjoy the mayhem that ensues:

Part 1

Part 2!

This game was a blast, and it has spurred a few others in the group to start ordering models and pulling out old gear from the "good 'ol days" of GW gaming.

Expect more to come!



  1. Wish we had of taped the second game where you lost a unit of Knights and a unit of Fusiliers in turn one. Both games were a lot of fun though.

  2. That's cannon fire for you "33% of the time it kills every time" Right now on 4by 4 tables there is never a reason to take anything over a cannon.. but the flexibility of the bombards or catapults on larger tables will make it a tougher choice. My French will only have cannon.. mainly because the warstore didn't have any Perry Miniatures howitzers....


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