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X-Wing picture dump (Pew Pew Lasers)

Test game of X Wing.. I was running Imps

While Brett was running Reb's

While Tris was running Scum and Villainy

Brett split his forces, my entire sqdn singled out 2 ships and destroyed them

While Tris had his hands full with the YT1300

Game 1 ends with most of Brett's force smashed, high winds forced us to go inside (this was on the patio)

Game 2, I bought a few things.. a YT2400 that I painted and some Scum & Villainy ships..

Vs some Imps... Brett's Defender character was unhittable, doing K Turns all day!

Tris was rocking a Firespray

Brett was chilling in his Decimator Yacht :)

Again I was trying to pick off stragglers and keep out of LOS

After the TIE Bomber was weakened, I decided to unload my YT2400 into it..

Crit's all day long... BOOM.  At this point Lothlann starts an X Wing campaign.

Game 3, my Scum vs Wildcard's Imperials.  My cards hadn't come in yet so I used the Reb cards that came with my ship.. so I was rocking Kyle Katarn..

Stay on target... as you can see I decided to repaint all my Scum and Villainy ships that rusty sandcrawler look..
ZZzzt!   Katarn takes 2 crits, both doing double damage.  Dead.  He wouldn't even be able to eject after the game (campaign rules) so.. I guess the Force really WASN'T with him!??!

Wildcard's ships swarm in for the kill...

Nothing I could do here... Z95 K-turns and gets one TIE Advanced...

..And then tries to flee the board.. got killed as TIE's are faster...

Friday Night X Wing at Brett's last night.. Tris' Scum (note the new Star Viper) vs Phantom's Rebels

Tris has a Scyk Interceptor in there too.

While their game was going on, I had a game vs Lothlann's Imps.  Campaign scenario dictated a derelict vessel.. cue the Transport!

Long story short I was able to pick off Loth's ships as he maneuvered some of them around the drifting Transport.

Random pic of an E Wing from the other game

B Wing unloads torps into the hapless TIE escorting the Shuttle.. destroyed

Meanwhile the other game sees the target ship destroyed..

Phantom's lovely blue washed Z 95 named pilot was the Assassination target and got vaped.

Close ups of Loth's Imps.  I won that battle.. the first Scum and Villainy victory of the campaign! Yay. I mean.. BOOOO

The shuttle did manage to leave the battlefield.. in a campaign this is important as he doesn't have to repair or buy a new one.

My last game vs Joyous Oblivion's Rebels.   The Corvette is just for show.

J-O had few but well piloted ships.  My B Wing commander kept getting ion'ed and drifts towards an asteroid while taking many hits..

My YT2400 tries in vain but cannot hit the agile TIE's with its turret lasers..

The shame.. the final hull point on my B Wing named commander is taken by the asteroid after drifting into it, Ion'ed once more.  I got 1 Z-95 off the board as well as the YT2400.   Roll to see if the B Wing commander lives.. NOPE, another crit.  Another named commander dead for the campaign haha.


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