16 June, 2015

Daa daa daa da da daa da da daa

Imperials take turn one with 3 wins, Rebels get 1 win and Scum get 0

Turn one of the campaign has come to a close thought i'd post up here for anyone who comes to this page and not the forums and are interested to follow the campaign, we'll be posting here pics of our games as well. Full details can be found here each turn http://dicedevils.canadian-forum.com/t943-x-wing-campaign-map

The teams are
Imperials: Lothlann, Wildcard, Pripyat, SirRandMcNally
Rebels: Diragi, Joyous Oblivion, Twinlinked, PhantomRescue
Scum and Villainy: Ca$h, Matt Varnish

We are using rules: GALACTIC CIVIL WAR CAMPAIGN RULES V4.0.0 written by DutchVander@hotmail.com

I've modified them to have 3 factions also made it map based and in order to take actual system we will use the armada scale to do battle to blow up space stations and take full control of systems rather then just the station that happen to be there.

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