06 July, 2014

Warhammer 40k Batrep #4 Marines Vs...Marines?!

I suck at computers, lol. This batrep got delayed a week or so because I couldn't figure out how to splice the video clips together after its off my phone. Insert fellow Dice Deviler CA$H and his recommendation of Windows Movie Maker and the vid is ready to go! This was my last game prior to a tourney I was supposed to attend, but sadly work kept me away (boo-urns!!). As such, my opponents list had a bit more 'teeth' and I continued my path down figuring out 40k, 7th Edition and Marines in general all over again. I need some of the shiny new Marine things, and I'm hoping to find them at Historicon in a couple weeks. Yeah I know its a Historical Con, but when I went a couple years back, I saw loads of 40k in the Flea Market! Anyways, no more gilding of the lily... Cheers, and thanks for watching!

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